Make $1,000 to $10,000 Per Month As A Virtual Assistant

Welcome my friends! You’ve been invited to join The High End VA Academy where you’ll pitch your way to $1,000 to $10,000 per month in your virtual assistant business. 


Virtual Assistant Foundation


  • What is a virtual assistant?
  • Choose Your VA Type
  • The Ultimate Skills List for Virtual Assistants
  • Choosing Your Virtual Assistant Rate + Creating Packages
  • Create A Popping UpWork Profile
  • UpWork Profile Examples–Good Versus Bad
  • How to Create A Winning UpWork Proposal
  • How to FInd Your Ideal Freelance Opportunites on UpWork
  • How to Create A Popping Fiverr Gig
  • How to Tell If Someone IS A Scammer on Upwork & Fiverr
  • How to Create A Popping Virtual Assistant Portfolio + Example
  • How to Create A Popping Virtual Assistant Landing Page
  • Virtual Assistant Contract + Sample Contract
  • The 5 Softwares/Tools You Need to Get Started
  • Invoicing As A Virtual Assistant
  • Hosting Your First Discovery Call + Intake Form for Booking Software
  • Optional: Creating Your Virtual Assistant Website


 Creating A Popping UpWork Profile Course — VA Foundations Part 2



Build Your Experience/Portfolio — VA Foundations Part 3


  • Strategies to Gain Experience With No Previous Experience
  • Paid 30-90 day trials
  • Providing Sample Work In Your Portfolio
  • Building Your Expertise With Instructional Videos



Review Your Virtual Assistant Foundation



Pitch Your Way Rich: Client Attraction Strategies


  • Choose Your Client Attraction Strategies
  • 3 Places to Find & Close Ready to Pay Clients
  • 11 Other Client Attraction Strategies
  • Cold Pitch Your Way to Success
  • Review Your Pitches & Proposals + Discovery Call Prep


Your Next Steps + Testimonials


Extra Accountability Support Resources



Refer Your Friends


BONUS Monthly Questions Portal — Group Q&A With Chrissy


Celebrate Group Wins


Questions about the program? DM us on Instagram @highendva 

We Already Have 60+ Students Enrolled

Program Feedback

Program Costs

Your investment for the training program is $5,000 USD or 12-Month Payment Plan of $555/Mo USD. To Enroll Today click here

Can’t Pay upfront? 

Please note we have a special offer for 50 students! 44 Spots Remaining! Filling FAST!

Guaranteed Coaching, You Don’t Pay Upfront! You Only Pay Once You’ve Landed Clients And Have the Cash To Pay

This means you’ll join the program for FREE & sign up for 1:1 WhatsApp coaching and mentorship with Chrissy for 6 months. 

You’ll pay for the program and 6 months 1:1 coaching AFTER landing 2-4 long term clients and getting paid. 

After landing 2-4 long term clients, Your payment options will be $20,000 USD Pay In Full, $3,334/Mo for 6 Months, or $1,667/Mo for 12 Months. The training program is $5000 USD + 6 months 1:1 coaching is $15,000 USD. Remember you can make $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month as a virtual assistant. That’s $60k-$120k+ per year in a new career working from home or working from anywhere!

The link to pay for the program is included in the program modules. You will pay this once you’re ready and able. 

To Qualify for our Guaranteed Coaching & Training Program you must fill out the questionnaire below and message Chrissy on Instagram @highendva OR on Facebook Messenger if you have her contact details

0. What’s your name?

1. Where are you located?

2. Do you have $15/Mo for UpWork Pro Membership? (If not, that’s okay! We have other client attraction strategies)

3. Do you have 10+ hours per week to dedicated to this program? If so how many hours exactly?

4. Do you work a job currently? Is it full time or part time? How many hours per week do you plan to work as a virtual assistant?

5. What hourly rate would you like to charge as a VA? $15 per hour minimum. 

6. Do you have experience as a virtual assistant? If so please describe. 

7. Which payment plan would you be interested in? Pay in full, 6 month or 12 month? Please make sure you’ll be able to pay this amount if we help you land 2-4 clients at your hourly rate. 

8. Who referred you to this program? Please give their name & instagram username. 

Answer the questionnaire in the correct order and fill it out in full. If you meet qualifications you will be sent the enrollment link along with Chrissy’s Whatsapp number.  

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